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The Voice Message service is in demand by companies operating in various business areas.

Its main goals are:

• To attract more attention to the sent information by presenting it properly – accurate and qualified or original and full of senses, depending on the context.

• To create direct contact feeling between the company representative and the client resulting in increased interest in the brand and higher trust in the company.

• To impress and improve the memorability: a voice message, unlike SMS, can have an emotional impact on the consumer and be remembered even without an intentional focus on its content.

• A successful sending of voice messages increases the awareness of a brand or a product among potential customers.

The voice message is a sound file that can be played on the recipients' devices. This file can be created by the staff of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center or generated by the customer. At the beginning of the ordering process, our specialists and the customer's representative always discuss the content and sound of the message to be sent.

The ONLINEMARKET Call Center also provides:

• Personalized lists of recipients according to the customer's CRM data. So, the emails will be sent only to the target audience.

• The fact that a voice message was sent and delivered to the addressee is for sure recorded in mailing logs. This is important to measure consumer demand and check if the target audience was determined correctly, and in cases where a voice message contains a reminder of an event important for the client or his/her obligation.

If needed, a mailing list can be created from sources other than the customer's CRM. It is possible to involve the call center staff in updating outdated customer data. For this, they usually order an extra service to create and update databases.

The Voice Message service is included in popular cases developed by the ONLINEMARKET Call Center, according to customer needs and the specifics of business processes in their companies. Our experts will clarify with the customer possibilities and areas of application for this solution for both final and individual cases.

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