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The Direct Number service is usually connected with the company expansion or unification of its contact numbers.

This service is highly demanded by

• small companies with an extensive structure of manufacturers or service centers in different cities with a single office – first of all, to save on new jobs, training and education of personnel;

• large corporations – thanks to the convenient contact with the consumers, including 'unknown' regions where demand is only being studied, better data centralization and consistency of the entire infrastructure;

• any other companies – to reduce the cost of office, managers and advisors, landline (and international) phone conversations;

• companies of all levels for the customer convenience and loyalty – if a customer can call a direct number, it gives a feeling of the company's presence in the city; if it has a headquarter in the capital city, the reputation of the company will also grow from the consumer's perspective.

Considering the technological side of the Direct Number service, you have the opportunity to maximize the use of SIP-telephony mobility, combining it with virtual office services, optimizing the costs of customer notifications, and including it in other cases to automate your business processes.

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