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Do you promote a new product or service? Do you look to expand your market share? Do you want to study customer preferences or target audience? Do you want to analyze the market? To determine how successful your advertising campaign was?

A telephone survey is an effective, dynamic, reliable, and inexpensive measure to get all the information and

• Assess the brand popularity and customer loyalty,

• Get quick feedback on the effectiveness of conducted advertising campaigns,

• Understand the target audience,

• Make motivated conclusions if the whole marketing activity was successful and make quick adjustments,

• See the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, better define or expand your market share.

Call Center outsourcers are the best executors

In the beginning, companies often charge their employees with surveys as extra tasks to their main job, which is not always effective. Sometimes the unclear definition of the task can also affect the result.

When ordering a survey at the ONLINEMARKET Call Center, the client approves a detailed survey script that considers the maximum number of likely events. The script will be carefully studied and become a guide for all operators involved.

Working with ONLINEMARKET Call Center operators is a guarantee of:

• Personnel with good soft skills, learnable and stress-resistant, who you don't need to hire and have no additional expenses;

• True adherence to the survey script;

• Data confidentiality;

• Accuracy of recording and saving the data in a previously agreed format;

• Work reports, including the Quality Assurance.

To assess the capacity and demand for additional services, including the creation and updating of client databases, contact our specialists.

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