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The Virtual Office service is highly demanded by companies of various sizes and in many industries.

The most popular reasons to order it are:

• for companies with an extensive network of branches to find a way, to process the customer requests effectively;

• for business expansion, to study the potential in specific cities or regions precisely with no significant investments in new branches;

• for young companies, to quickly expand the business by lack of trained personnel, lack of time and funds to rent premises and equip workplaces for managers;

• for manufacturers and stores, the best option would be to outsource communication with customers to the specialists and deal with other tasks: production, logistics, or promotions;

• for everyone – you have an opportunity to quickly expand your team, including for a short time, which is crucial for seasonal businesses, during advertising campaigns, or in case of significant loads on the company's call center.

How to get started

At the first stage, we discuss with a customer how we will arrange a hotline number, set the work schedule of the virtual office, define how to process requests, and work out typical scripts for Customer Service.

The operators granted on the customer's demand will learn a product and customer service scripts. IT specialists will create the hotline number, set up a call registration system in the call center CRM, work out alarm notifications as well technical and organizational notifications, including by data exchange with the customer's CRM. After necessary settings and preparations of operators competed, the office starts to work.

Guaranteed benefits:

Our operators have the necessary soft skills, are stress-resistant, trained to record and process customer requests, conduct surveys and presentations by phone accurately. After learning the features of your product, they will become advisors with an acceptable level of competence.

If there will be requests requiring the advice of a company's specialist, we will forward them to him/her. However, no common request with the already known solution will distract the employees of the customer's company from their urgent tasks.

We check the quality of operator work and if they comply with service standards. Thus, we strengthen the image of the company and improve the loyalty of its clients. Our customers get regular reports on what we have done.

There are no problems with personnel and no labor disputes. All virtual employees you have involved belong to our staff. If you'll need less of them, we'll just delegate other available tasks to them.

The service can be expanded and extended with various custom options. To discuss the technical and organizational side of its implementation, please feel free to contact the ONLINEMARKET managers.

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