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The work of any delivery service in our century cannot do without the intensive use of telephone calls, mostly outgoing. Answering the question ""Where is my package?"" happens less commonly than informing the recipient that it is already at the company's warehouse, specifying the delivery address, and confirming where and when it must be received from a courier. Thanks to such calls, the employees waste less time, and customer loyalty increases.

Any delivery service has a dispatcher team or an integral call center.

Its functions generally are:

• inform the recipient that a package (parcel) is delivered in his/her name;

• negotiate the time when a courier should come to a specific address;

• check the status of packages in the nearest departments of the company if needed.

What may be an offer of our Call Center?

To save. First of all, you'll save time and money. Using the PBX business telephone system together with the company's CRM system instead of standard telephony, we will:

• standardize the cost of order processing, decreasing average call cost


• speed up and optimize the calling process with help of a technological solution.

How does this technology work?

Combined with PBX and CRM (sales management systems that store data about operations and customers), they work as follows:

Before starting work, the company sets priorities by customers as well as parameters and limits: number, frequency, and period of re-dial attempts. All these data will be used by call center staff for software-aided calling the package recipients.

There is a real-time delivery service's CRM data registration in the call center's CRM by sending every single package.

That's how the call lists are created and updated in both the call center and the company at the same time, and the delivery service's data is simultaneously updated based on the results of every call performed by call center staff.

The call center system periodically selects the lists of recipient profiles according to set limits to call them by their phone numbers. All calls will be performed automatically using the PBX system. Unsuccessful call attempts are recorded in CRM without involving an operator. So you'll spare time and effort.

If a call was successful, the telephony system informs the operator about it, dials the operator with the recipient, and records it in the recipient's CRM profile. The operator communicates with the client and enters the received data into the same profile. The information is synchronized with the data of the delivery service.

Thus, the delivery service's CRM system contains up-to-date data on each successful and unsuccessful move (according to the update time).

This solution allows optimizing the work process by eliminating the needless waiting for an answer during outgoing calls.

The calculation of price and technical issues of its implementation depends on many factors. For more details, please contact our specialists.

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