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Everybody knows the idea of a hotline: one number for all incoming calls of the company. This is a convenient method, even if your activity is limited within one city. But it's necessary for companies with an extensive network of branches.

The hotlines are used for:

• presentations, promotions, quizzes, prize drawings;

• opinion poll among users about the company's products and services, new products, their comments, and wishes;

• establishing the information support services;

• export billing data;

• technical support – from telephone consultations to registration of requests or troubleshooting.

To make it work according to the needs of a client, we do:

• register a custom telephone: 0-800 or direct;

• setup IVR for call forwarding;

• According to the work schedule and workloads set by the client, we calculate the number of operators (up to 24/7/365).

• Our employees are onboarded by studying the characteristics of goods or services, working out the answers to the frequently asked questions.

• Together with a customer, we create basic scripts of communication with the customer's clients.

• We develop a quality control system and a work reporting form.

Why would outsourcing be the best solution for a hotline?

• We'll provide the required number of well-trained operators and more if necessary.

• The company has Quality Assurance that guarantees the professional work of dispatchers. Moreover, all customer requests are recorded and the customer can get access to them.

• Data is recorded only with our own equipment, a leak is less likely as in cloud services.

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