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What makes an online store great from a customer's point of view? Speaking about its offer, people also mention:

• competent advisor's availability;

• quick customer request processing;

• in-time comprehensive order assessment by a manager – from the choice of goods to the terms of its delivery – in order to meet customer's expectations;

• a symphony of department work, providing up-to-date data on the availability of an article, its features, the status of the customer's request, and other necessary information.


What may ONLINEMARKET offer?

A technological solution to standardize business processes. It allows you:

• to reach an optimum by processing customer calls,

• to minimize the order processing time,

• to keep providing all departments with up-to-date data,

• and to free the management of a client company from manual control, helping them do tasks with a higher priority.

For efficient incoming calls processing.

The first call of any customer is registered in the CRM of the ONLINEMARKET call center and in the company's CRM. The client is identified by phone number. If there is a client profile in the database of a web store, the system will load his/her information, including the address and order history. CRM will redirect the call to a free operator with relevant experience in the area of the client's interests. Additional information about his/her location allows you to inform the client about local promotions in a certain region or city and increase conversion as a result.

During a conversation with the client, the operator enters the order into the system, so there is no chance to lose the data and have a lack of communication with other operators.

If the operator's experience isn't enough to give a full answer, the call can be redirected to another operator with the required expertise, a senior manager, or a representative of the customer's company in case of highly specialized consulting. That way you save the time of your high-skilled employees.

Work with outgoing calls.

Before shipping the goods to a customer, you need to confirm his/her data. We offer a technical solution that allows you to:

• minimize processing time

• and synchronize the data of company operators with the logistics department.

With the ONLINEMARKET technology for incoming call processing, your order data will be registered in the store CRM system in real time. Going in an ordinary way to exchange data via file transfer is considered obsolete and less reliable due to the theoretical risk of losing records. That is why we propose to apply the API for simultaneous entry of order data into both CRMs.

When an order is received, the PBX system starts auto-dialing the client's number. After dialing, the CRM instantly connects a client with a free operator, who must process order data. The operator confirms the order, enters the necessary delivery information – and the data becomes available both in the CRM of the web store and the logistics department.

A decision to use real-time data transfer via API allows us to fulfill our advertising promises about the shortest time for ordering ever.

Our managers are ready to help you evaluate the exact cost of using this method and connected service options.

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