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Having a flawless image, a strong brand reputation, and high trust of customers is a goal that any company would like to achieve. All three positions depend on Customer Care not less than on the quality of products and services. You may run an impressive promo campaign and send a ton of tempting offers, but you wouldn't get a single order because a client failed to reach the hotline. You may offer quick delivery, but if you're not ready to respond to all requests and to accept and process orders promptly, your reputation and profit will be low with no regard to the quality of your product.

If you don't have enough people who advise, check the details, accept orders and work with complaints in a timely manner, you need to have new employees. But hiring is not always the best solution.

Hiring more consultants looks too complicated and too expensive? Or the workload is so unpredictable that you can't count how many employees you'll need in the near future?

Let's check the benefits of outsourcing:

• There is no need to waste time on recruiting issues. You will get trained professionals with proven soft skills. Your end customer would only have to provide you with full information about his/her product.

• Organizing the workplaces, including the office location, has already been done.

• Any labor conflicts are impossible. All operators are ONLINEMARKET staff members. Any labor disputes are their employer's concern.

• The customer doesn't have to check the operators. This is what our Quality Assurance is responsible for. They provide work reports and always monitor if the operators comply with standards.

Incoming call outsourcing would be perfect for you if you need to:

• run an advertising campaign;

• organize a round-the-clock Help Desk;

• build up faultless acceptance of orders, including in a seasonal mode;

• involve extra operators on daily basis or as reinforcement for high demand period, for example, during pre-holiday sales.

Outsourcing operators for incoming calls will make it easier and cheaper to get effective technical solutions and additional services from us at a fair price. So you may promote the product and increase the brand's popularity.

Our employees would be happy to suggest the most appropriate case or develop an individual solution, taking into account the size and needs of your business.

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