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The Telemarketing service is a worldwide proven and popular method of remote sales.

It ensures that you will:

• inform a client about new brands, products, or special offers;

• do remote selling products or services;

• conduct a social or consumer survey;

• get the maximum audience and quick feedback while organizing cold sales.

The obvious benefits of telemarketing are:

• Technical user-friendliness;

• Live interaction with a recipient and direct feedback (what is impossible in the case of ad videos and mailings.)

• Effective work with clients both inside and outside without needing to open new branches or representative offices will reduce costs.

By ordering the Telemarketing service in the ONLINEMARKET Call Center you will get:

• The required number of operators that you won't have to hire but be able to change their number easily based on your current workload.

• Detailed scripts of conversations with clients written together with your customer. All steps are under your control – from presenting the benefits and characteristics of each product or service to objections handling.

• Privacy. Data is stored on the own servers of the call center.

• If needed, a brand new prospect database (with the Database Development service). The professional work of our operators to attract new customers.

• Detailed work report. After that, the customer can always have an up-to-date prospect database.

Ordering the Telemarketing service, please contact the ONLINEMARKET experts for more information about this and additional services.

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