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The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Voice Menu is a technology that allows you to deploy an information center in form of voice messages. By using it as an 'intelligent answering machine', you will be able to free your team from exhausting routine, so they will undertake new tasks and troubleshooting.

You need it when

• your company gets many similar questions or calls every day;

• the company structure is too complicated, and a client must remember a lot of leads from all departments or wait to be redirected within internal communication system;

• a significant part of working time is wasted on forwarding the incoming calls;

• you need to have round-the-clock customer support and record all incoming calls.

Apply the IVR

• at help desks of enterprises, institutions, and banks;

• at sales or service points with a wide range of products/services;

• on entertainment websites;

• at competitions and tests;

• at big companies with a complex structure. There you can use IVR both to work with clients and for internal communication;

• for any other resources and services that receive tons of the same requests.

You can count on

• saving working time by automating routine actions;

• comfortable notifications for visitors or customers;

• improved quality of customer notifications (once you write down the correct and complete answer in a friendly tone, you can avoid omissions of employees);

• guaranteed continuous operation 24/7/365;

• even a sharp increase in the number of customers won't require a corresponding extension of the help desk and customer support.

How much does an IVR cost?

The price of this service depends on many factors, which are based on hardware requirements and configuration complexity. Therefore, when requesting a cost estimate, you should know as exactly as possible:

application area

structure of contacts (to understand how complex and flexible the request processing script should be)

expected number of clients (to calculate the hardware load)

the need to call recording, the method of archive maintaining, and data confidentiality level.

Usually, such solutions are subject to a private conversation to adapt our standard packages to the customer's requirements.

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