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Banking and insurance companies were among the first who needed to automate the processing of similar customer requests. However, because of the high confidentiality standards, they preferred to solve these problems without a third party for a long period of time.

Due to technological progress, higher reliability and flexibility of CRMs, the better quality of telecommunications, and privacy protection, the banks and insurance companies can now trust outsource call centers and involve them in various cases.

The ONLINEMARKET Call Center is ready to provide the companies with many services:

Deployment of a call center for the client, providing technical support and operators;

• Establishing a flexible system to process incoming calls;

• Creation of a hotline to organize a smart help system or to do promotions;

Telemarketing and presentation of new services;

Updating customer databases;

• Setting up a voice menu to handle mass requests;

• Customer surveys regarding the advantages and quality of services provided;

• SMS notification service/auto dialer for debt and loan collection;

• SMS notifications of clients regarding the terms of services, their changes, contract expiration, and other data sent automatically.

How do we work with customer requests

Before implementing a system, the customer company measures the expertise level of the operators and the issues to be fixed by the customer representative only.

Incoming requests

The client asks a question regarding the bank or insurance company calling by the general telephone number of the Info-Center. Through the SIP telephony, the call is redirected within the customer's CRM to a free operator with relevant experience. After answering the call, the operator sees a client profile with his/her data on the screen. During the conversation, the client profile is filled with client data that also are recorded in the CRM. Any request that requires a higher level of operator expertise is forwarded to the representative of the customer company.

Outgoing calls

The list of clients to be called is created in the customer's CRM. The PBX system starts the script to auto-call the specified number, and, if dialing is successful, it connects the client with an available operator. The client profile is displayed on the screen by connection. During a conversation with a client, the operator fills in the fields in the sheet. So the data lands directly to the CRM of a bank (or a company).

Concerning the specifics of the banking and insurance sector, it is worth paying attention to:

• Insurer and bank data about the client is not recorded in our CRM. All information is displayed only during a consultation; the data entered goes through the API, directly to the customer's CRM.

• Information about calls to ONLINEMARKET is not stored with the cloud or other services owned by third parties and cannot be compromised because of unauthorized access to cloud storage.

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