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For the successful promotion of a product, you need to have not only high quality but also a flexible and reliable system of relations with suppliers, customers, and distributors. How to create it? From the very beginning, you need to work with information carefully and delicately. You should collect data on consumer preferences, analyze demand and feedback to predict the necessary production increase, or search for new solutions.

How can a call center be information support for a manufacturer?


With help of our human resources

Our operators are high-qualified and can do their best to analyze and present the information to prospects fastly and confidently. With the required amount of data, they can be your consultants, handle orders, and present products and services – all that without leaving the ONLINEMARKET office, and there is no need to equip extra workplaces.

With help of a ticket system and control standards

Customer Information Center is served by the ONLINEMARKET call center's specialists. It is ready to accept and process the widest range of requests and issues: questions about the availability of good and their qualities, assortment, points of sale, and reviews. Some questions require an instant answer, a check, or a callback; some of them require following consultation with a specialist. Control Standard System (tickets) will allow you to assess the quality of request processing and to identify problem areas.

Here is a plan of how does the Center work:

An incoming call is registered in our CRM system and identified by phone number; the system loads the customer profile and redirects the call and data to a free operator with relevant experience. The operator commits a request. If the operator can't solve the customer's problem, he/she creates a task (ticket) with a problem description, and the system generates a request to the customer's representatives. A manager gets notified of a new ticket (its form is customizable: e-mail, SMS, or a message in the messenger). The information from the customer's response is also registered in the response ticket. If there is a solution to a problem that the manufacturer considers urgent, the operator will call the customer back and inform him/her about that. If not, the operator will use the info from the response ticket in case of the second request to this issue.

Another source of tickets could be customer requests sent to call center specialists by a client. They can contain letters and scanned documents. The requests are processed similarly to phone calls.

Quality Assurance Standards of the ONLINEMARKET call center are determined by analyzing several indicators by operators: the number of responses, the deadline for ticket closing (generally the latest one).

With help of other technological possibilities

The system we propose will be extended by a number of successful technical solutions:

Telephone polls to get feedback;

Database update to determine the target audience;

Presentation by phone to promote new products;

Virtual office, telemarketing to upgrade your office without recruiting new personnel.

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