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The Automatic Notification service is a part of communication to:

• free your employees from routine work;

• save money on the outsource call center operators;

• deliver information to all recipients asap.

The Auto-Notification service of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center is demanded by:

• salons or workshops – to remind of a next visit or appointment;

• financial companies and banks – to inform about earnings and debts;

• education hubs or gyms – to notify about the time of the next training;

• shops, delivery services – to notify about sending goods or receiving a parcel;

• any company – to inform about promotions, presentations, and news.

The service requires the presence of an operator who will manage extraordinary situations, but it's not limited to recording/playing of one single text for all.

Newest notification areas:

• Data exchange with enterprise CRM;

• Recording a voice message based on the obtained data (the amount of debt/receipts, date/time of the event or service provided, etc.);

• Registration of calls and their results in a database.

When ordering automatic notifications, please contact the managers of the ONLINEMARKET call center to know more about the data exchange format and compatibility with other services.

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