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The Database Development and Updating service is demanded both by newcomers and enterprises with a long history. The cause is obvious: any market instruments, promotion strategies, and extraordinary marketing moves successfully work on the basis of complete and up-to-date information about potential clients. If there are many data errors, they can negatively impact the characteristics of the prospects and their likely consequences. The price of a mistake can vary: from minor misunderstandings during consultations and orders to loss of interest in brand news and commercial offers.

Therefore, the Database Development and Updating service is ordered by:

• New companies in the market are ready to pay for urgent research on potential customers to promote their product or service.

• Experienced market players need to expand their business into new territories or business areas.

• Irrespective of size, the companies are interested in keeping the prospective client databases up-to-date.

• Consumers of other services of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center can also be interested before conducting mailings, polls, promotions, and other promo events.

Advantages of the ONLINEMARKET Outsource Call Center

To create a base of potential clients, usually, there are used data sources that require data accuracy. To check and update the database, you will need experienced specialists with outstanding soft skills.

Completing this crucial and obligatory but also routine task can cost hundreds of working hours of a specialist who must work overtime.

Outsource Call Center workforce will manage it shortly and collect and present data according to the customer requirements. In general, there will be an Excel spreadsheet or a text file. The format and structure of the data, the list of text fields to clarify the information, and data entry rules are subject to customer confirmation at the initial stage.

The due privacy level also belongs to the advantages of our call center (in addition to saving your time and resources on hiring new staff). Because both data storage and outgoing calls at the call center are possible without cloud services, the databases you have as a result of data collection and updating are well protected against hacks and compromising.

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