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The Mobile Marketing service is an effective and popular approach to product promotion using mobile technologies. Where other cases do not work, this service is incredibly productive.

The client can receive the required information timely; prospective customers are notified about news, coming promotions, new sale points, or unique services. All this you can have with the SMS mailing service. This service sometimes works successfully for customers who don't answer calls from telemarkets and are too busy to look at ads and presentations on websites.

Setting a mobile mailing requires not so much money. You will save a lot of time and effort and free your employees from the need to call customers to inform everyone about a special offer, discount, or anniversary promotion. They probably will read the received SMS when they'll have time. But how often they ask your managers to call back after a promo message?

And even if clients would not positively react to a specific offer, your brand's awareness will grow. Therefore, in the future, the client will know you and will look for your products in the first place.

In addition to advertising mailings, the modern marketing approaches often use SMS to inform about an order sent to a buyer, the arrival of a parcel to the recipient, an overdue reminder from a bank or a provider as well holiday greeting SMS for your customers.

Mobile marketing service offers:

• single SMS with message text personalization;

• batch messaging according to the list of recipients;

• real-time functioning;

• you can create a mailing schedule and set the starting date and time;

• high-speed mailing and message delivery guarantee if numbers of subscribers are valid;

• user-friendly account system to send messages;

• a backup channel to redirect messages in case of failure;

• offers for business at an attractive price.

All operations of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center are performed only using our equipment, without third-party cloud services, so your mailings won't be compromised.

Contact the managers of ONLINEMARKET to create an optimal script to notify customers about your new offers and important events or simply congratulate them on holiday. And we will ensure a prompt mailing with the necessary information.

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