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The email newsletter is one of the most effective marketing tools for business. If you have loyal customers, you can regularly notify them about coming promotions and discounts. We do all work on the creation, training, and maintenance of a personalized email newsletter service.

Our mailing system includes:

• creation of a list of users, export and import of users lists;

• creation of beautiful messages with an editor and message templates;

• a queue of outgoing messages;

• statistics on the effectiveness of your mailing;

• checking letters for spam before sending;

• automatic mode with delayed start of mailing.

We provide support for the whole system and advice on how to write a correct letter for your users.

Mailing system price: UAH 15000 incl. VAT.

The price includes:

• Mailing server rent (for 3 months);

• Purchasing a domain name for mailing;

• Setting up a server and domain for high-speed delivery of your messages;

• Email marketing consulting.

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