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The Customer Informing service is very demanded in front of an endless data flow. Companies that mostly look for customer feedback, high-quality service, and effective sales are seeking the aids to deliver important information to the customers in a remarkable way.

Promptly delivered data makes business processes easier and more organized if:

• A company has a big client database and always keeps its portfolio updated;

• A company has many promotions, presentations, provides discounts, or offers new service packages;

• Its clients make use of the remote goods delivery;

• Clients trust the company so much that they kindly ask the company to inform them about the availability of currently not available items;

• A company provides information services, and its main products are training, courses, and seminars, especially online events.

The list of possible applications of the service is not final and is constantly being expanded.

Why should you charge the ONLINEMARKET Call Center to notify your clients?

We are an experienced company with many successful cases with this service adapted to the specific business areas and a range of extra services that could increase your Customer Service quality, e.g. through the development and updating your client database.

Advanced technologies for information campaigns.

An efficient informing of clients should start with one balanced script. With customer data, our call center experts and his/her representatives will define the best possible communication style, including their participation in conversations, and be prepared to frequently asked questions and common objections. The operators will carefully study the script and communicate with the client according to it.

Trained staff

The in-house operators of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center are prepared to communicate with clients according to the script.

Standards of Service

Professional and ethical communication between an operator and a client belongs to the standards of our work. The quality level is guaranteed by the Quality Assurance of the ONLINEMARKET call center.

Only relevant services

If the customer script does not cover answers, we could provide a time-effective auto-notification service.

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