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Presentation is one of the most effective marketing instruments.

During a telephone presentation, you can impress the client with:

• a new brand, specific product or service;

• attractive price or a solution package;

• advertising or a bonus system;

• information about a new point of sale, service center, or other brand's representation.

Charge the experts of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center to make a perfect phone presentation

Big companies with large promotion teams could also need to involve qualified personnel for a great promo event asap. The newbies can easily lose some clients because of not precise statements.

We offer you to use a unified presentation script we will create together. The customer's representative should first present all the information about an offer. And the call center team will draft a script for the presentation, including the possible types of customer behavior. The final version of the script will be approved by the customer. Only then the operators will study and use it in conversations with prospective clients. After all required information including all the key details is granted, they can handle objections and determine the refusal rate.

If a customer outsources a job, he/she will

• not need to search for professionals who can sell the info to the prospective clients because our operators have all skills to effectively present the information and handle the objections;

• be able to get the required number of temporary workers without being involved in any organizational and personnel issues;

• be not responsible for monitoring the productivity and accuracy of all employees. The Quality Assurance will collect feedback on our operators and ensure that both scripts and standards are met.

A successful presentation will result in:

• Increased brand awareness;

• Growth of the client database;

• Higher interest of customers in new products;

• Significant savings compared to a regular (phone) presentation;

• Accumulation and updating of data on prospect interest changes.

Ask the ONLINEMARKET managers if there it's possible to present the obtained information in a form convenient for its further processing in the customer's CRM and to be used with additional services.

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