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By any provider of mobile, Internet, or television services, there are the tasks that require:

• to process customer requests quickly;

• to maintain a structured client and service database;

• to record all the technical details of every service precisely.

You can have all that stuff and more using a case developed for this particular scope.

By outsourcing communication with clients to the ONLINEMARKET Call Center, you'll achieve:

• reduction of costs for telecom and processing the client requests;

• in-time, full, and competent responses to routine inquiries;

• a transparent system to register calls to the company;

• prompt response to non-standard occasions, immediately informing the responsible persons of the company about what happened;

• best quality standards for operator work due to registration of requests in both CRM and ticket system;

• an increase of the loyalty of consumers of your services.

Processing incoming calls:

For example, a client calls the company's Information Center number for advice or assistance in solving a problem. The call goes via the SIP telephony system to the call center CRM connected to the customer's CRM. The client is identified by phone number in real time.

The customer profile is transferred to the call center CRM, to the operator who gets the call forwarded. The operator consults the client, simultaneously entering the data of his request. This information is recorded directly into the customer's CRM.

Other sources of requests:

Operators may have not only calls but also requests from other sources: customer's emails, entries in the guestbook, etc. By registering them, there are indicated its source and contacts of a client. Next time, such a request will be processed and saved in the CRM like a standard one.

This approach ensures the centralization of work with clients unifying quality standards for service.

Ticket system by the request processing

If an operator gets a request that requires additional information from the customer, he/she commits a ticket for the company representative. The ticket is saved in the customer's CRM. A manager of the Center and the company representative get notified of a new task. The system supports different types of notifications: messages in messengers, emails, and SMS. You can choose the notification type in settings. The company representative writes the information or a commentary to the response ticket. The operator receives a message and records the response in the client profile.

After receiving the response ticket to an urgent client's request, the operator calls him/her back and responds personally. In case of non-urgent request, the client gets a software-aided (automatic) call by his/her phone number.

The request processing speed is one of the indicators impacting the company's reputation. Therefore, the quality standards determine the response time for a ticket. Overdue tickets or tickets with too many responses (what means an unsolved problem) are followed. Their information goes to a higher-lever manager to analyze the causes of standard norm violation.

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