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Nowadays, taxi services get the majority of customers through phone calls. Depending on the locality, the scale of the company, and even the day of the week, the number of calls and the workload of operators (dispatchers) can differ dramatically.

And the attitude of a client to the company is influenced not only by the time he/she was waiting for the car but also by how quickly the operator answered a call and found a free car, how clearly and accurately a driver's got the address, and how felt a client all the time, well informed or not.

Therefore, the importance of well-coordinated work within a call center of such a service couldn't be overestimated.

Our company has developed an effective taxi dispatch service organization in order to:

• reduce the workload of in-house dispatchers by taking on some of the calls during peak hours or accepting all incoming calls, decreasing the cost of dispatch personnel;.

• promptly increase the number of operators during peak hours, on holidays and weekends;

• shorten waiting time by providing more dispatchers. Additionally, we can reduce the number of missed calls due to long waiting times.

To automate the taxi service, we use software with a set of useful functions, including:

• Registration of an incoming call in the call center's CRM system and its redirection to a free operator (the incoming call goes through API to the taxi service system for identification.)

• Incoming call is identified by the taxi service by the phone number.

• Thanks to the instant search in the company's client database, the operator gets the client's name, bonus card details, and order history.

• Answering the call to communicate with a client, the operator enters his/her order's data. After the entry, the data is recorded in the taxi service system. And drivers receive instant messages about new orders.

• Data about accepted orders is recorded in the system and listed by drivers.

So, the drivers always have live and full information from the service and the client is free of possible misunderstandings.

Taxi services can make use not only of outsource dispatchers but also of the ONLINEMARKET contact center:

your databases are always up-to-date to work with loyal customers,

with telephone surveys you may assess the quality of work or the basis for innovation.


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