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Outsourcing services are popular in all business areas. There are always qualified professionals you need:

• to work with clients from different part of the country from one virtual office

• to waste no time on recruiting and training of newbies

• to spend nothing on rent, equipment, utilities, etc.

• you don't need to control either filling time-reports or payment of salaries, taxes, and other duties

• no risk of labor disputes

• you can take them for a short period

• get rid of routine to have more time for business, management, production, and creation

• increase or decrease the number of operators based on your workload without recruiting/firing anyone


The Personnel Outsourcing service by ONLINEMARKET

Working with clients means more than just consultations, presentations, and complaint handling. It is about building trust in the product and brand. It requires new ideas and insights and everyday attention to the client's needs. While you are generating and implementing ideas, we provide

so many trained operators you need

• to cover all possible business telephony and Internet communication circumstances while working with your clients

• to conduct presentations and promotions and collect customer feedback and information that is essential for business development by telephone surveys

• to effectively handle objections, complaints, negative feedback of the clients

• to communicate confidently and be polite

High standards of service, including:

• clearly defined duties of the operators at the service implementation stage, quick learning the customer's product features and performing tasks within strict responsibilities

• rapid responses to customer requests: competent advice, full and in-time processing of issues and orders

• accordance with the scripts written to present products, services, and special offers on behalf of a company

• internal Quality Assurance of operators with reporting to the customer

• absolute adherence to ethical standards

Our managers will provide you with a full list of technical solutions and additional outsource business services.

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