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For any company, the quality of service is an important reputation factor. And for clients, it's one of the requirements of creating trust. But does a manager or an executive officer always manage to evaluate his/her employees and subordinates without bias? Everybody can hear or read a story about a company in which employees have directed a show for inspectors and executive officers. That is why the Mystery Shopping service is popular in our country like in the whole world.

Features of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center:

We make a stress test of the heart of any business process – we test communication with customers. We look for points where significant mistakes can happen or where their consequences are fixed somehow. The results of such a test will result in more effective scripts for workers' behavior.

The customer sets a task: to check the work of a specific worker, group of workers, the entire staff, provides required contact details, and sets deadlines. Usually, the test script is worked out with the participation of the customer. Sure, we are experts in communication, but the customers perfectly know the features of their product. Therefore, a customer's representative will better describe when and where a sales manager could make an inexcusable omission or demonstrate incompetence that would be subject to an improvement.

Then we create a list of questions and several communication scripts. We can just precise some details or even raise a claim to the quality of a product, a service, etc. Thus, we assess the qualities of a specific employee – his/her expertise and presentation skills as well as stress resistance. The last indicator is extremely important by high workloads during promotions, special offers, pre-holiday sales, and rush demand that should result in extra income to the company, not its reputation loss.

Our operators work by telephone. All dialogues are conducted on behalf of customers, taking into account the various scripts. Based on work results, there are created detailed work reports.


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