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Phone server integration with CRM data is ordered by companies that use the ONLINEMARKET Call Center operators for their customer support as well as enterprises with their own call centers and help desks.

In general, after this integration, you would be able to

• maintain a united database of actual and potential customers;

• instantly identify a client when he/she contacts the company (call center) by the phone number

• register all client contacts with the company, including calls to the hotlines and consultations

• promptly update customer data, including address (for delivery), contacts, information about consumer interests (requests for specific goods or services), and other data provided by the CRM of the company. This way, you can better define the client as a part of the target audience during the promotion of a product, primarily offering him/her the goods and services in which he/she has already shown interest.

The most popular, but not the only method of technical realization to integrate telephone servers with CRM is to set up a connection using the API. The method ensures that there will be granted the amount of data required for work with a client in real time without duplicating and storing client data in the CRM of the ONLINEMARKET Contact Center. At first, contact IT experts of the ONLINEMARKET Call Center to discuss details and telephony server integration with CRM when ordering this service.

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