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Auto dialing the clients, regular and potential, is ordered by companies that are aiming:

• at the reduction of labor costs of full-time or part-time employees;

• at the reduction of operating expenses;

• in case of mass call events, at the reduction of the labor costs for both in-house workers and outsourcers;

• to notify the client about debt and record the fact, the date, and the time of notification;

• to increase the responsiveness and effectiveness of previous information campaigns.

When making calls, you generally waste time waiting for the connection, on missed calls, calling the ""dead"" numbers. (You can spare the last one by updating the databases.)

Taking into account the settings of the IVR service for outgoing calls, you can create the necessary scripts and apply auto-calls based on it for:

• A flexible system with custom debt notification text, reminders for pre-ordered services;

• Calls with a pre-recorded message during promotions;

• Ordinary voice calls of operators or employees, saving their time and efforts for non-reachable phone numbers.

The Auto Dialing service belongs to the most popular cases. Contact our managers to learn more about all solutions and their applications.

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